Thursday, July 22, 2010

Craft of the Day...complete!

Step1: paint large clothespin a yummy color. Mine is painted with Mango from Memory Makers.
Step2: Cut scrapbook paper to fit.
Step3: Mod podge paper onto clothespin. Add any embellishments you would like. I added letter stickers and used a marker to add "stitch" lines.
Step4: Cover entire front surface with Diamond Glaze and wait for it to dry. I leave it undisturbed overnight for best results.
Step5: Realize that you should have put the letters upside down so that you could stand it up the other way and hold something in its grip. Oh well. I'll just add magnets to the back and use it that way. Problem solved. It just took 4 extra steps. Hence the title of my blog:)

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