Saturday, May 21, 2011

Help.....I'm Moving!

I don;t actually need help with the moving part. I just need help with the "coming to grips with the fact I'm moving" part! You see, after 18 years of serving in the same church in Columbia, Maryland, we are heading to Bluefield, Virginia to start a church on the campus of Bluefield College. Not sure if you know a lot about Columbia, Maryland or Bluefield, Virginia but they are radically different places to live. Columbia is a planned community which means every detail was thought of when this city was started. Bluefield, well.....not so much. It's a beautiful place with beautiful people but not a "planned" community. Enough said. This whole situation reminds me a little  a tremendous amount of the TV show, Green Acres. We will be that fish out of water scenario for sure :) I thought a great way to help me transition, would be to create a new blog, in addition to this craft blog, that would document my occasional  daily comedic episodes of my life in Bluefield. Here's where I need the help. I really want the theme of this new blog to be centered around the fact that what I expect my life to be there doesn't actually match up to reality. I need blog title ideas. Something along the lines of "My life is an Oxymoron" or something like that. I just don't want it to appear that I am slamming Bluefield. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love that town and I can't wait to begin our new lives there. Send me your ideas of new blog titles please:)


  1. "Fish out of Water" (like you wrote in the post)
    "A(n) ___________ in a Field of Blue"

    That's what I've got at the moment. If I come up with more, I'll post. :-)

  2. So this is the BIG NEWS... When?

  3. This summer. Bruce starts July 1st. I will be back and forth and will move to Bluefield by August.